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Yu (died July 6, 2013) was one of Kang's henchmen who disguised himself as a member of South Korean delegation detail for South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo. He was the last henchman to be killed by Mike Banning during the siege of the White House. He is also the tertiary antagonist of Olympus Has Fallen.


Joining the K.U.F.[]

At some point, Yu joined the Koreans for United Freedom and eventually blended himself in as a member of the South Korean security detail. There was never any stated background for why Yu had joined Kang's group or whether he was simply a mercenary carrying out orders.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Yu (on far right) guarding President Asher while Agent Forbes restrains him.

In 2013, Yu was among the guerrilla forces which laid siege to the White House under the command of Kang Yeonsak. He was among the men disguised as an agent for the South Korean security detail. He accompanied Kang to the Presidential Bunker, where they killed the Secret Service agents and P.E.O.C. technicians within and took President Benjamin Asher and the other executive officials hostage.

Yu was among searching for President's son, Connor, in the White House. However, once Secret Service agent Mike Banning was discovered in the White House, he along with several terrorists were ordered to search the living quarters to find him. Once he was at the Lincoln Bedroom, he checked in with Kang for no signs of Connor or their intruder. Kang tells him he's hiding in the walls. Once Yu and his men opened fire at the walls, intending to hit Banning, one of his men was wounded and Banning and Connor escaped before Yu or his men could see them.

Yu and two other men remained with Kang and the President Asher while most of the other terrorists sacrificed themselves to fake Kang and Asher's death. After Yu and the remaining men attempted to quietly sneak away with Asher, Banning appeared and shot the others dead while Asher hits Yu away from him and wrestled with Kang. Yu tried to shoot Banning, but he dodged the gunfire and confronted Yu. Banning managing to grab Yu by the head and break his neck, killing Yu instantly.

Behind the Scenes[]

Yu was portrayed by Sam Medina in Olympus Has Fallen.


Background information and notes[]

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