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Will Davies is an SAS commander who led a joint squad of SAS and Delta Force commandos to aid Secret Service agent Mike Banning in fighting the Barkawi Arms Network and rescue President Benjamin Asher.


London Has Fallen[]

After President Benjamin Asher was kidnapped by Kamran's men, Davies and his team reach Mike Banning. After being informed of the situation, Davies tells Banning of his intention to rescue the President and initially refuses to let Banning join them. However, Banning refuses to be deterred and Davies reluctantly allows Banning to join the team.

Davies and Banning in combat

The team rushes to the terrorist hideout and Banning chooses to storm it despite being warned that there are more than a hundred terrorists as President Asher will be executed before the military can arrive. Davies, Banning and the team storm the building, killing several terrorists while losing some soldiers themselves. Reaching near the building's entrance, the team is pinned down and Davies and Banning realize a direct assault will result in President Asher being executed immediately. Instead, the team takes out the building's generator and Banning sneaks in alone while Davies' team stays outside to draw attention.

During the battle, Banning contacts Davies on the radio and orders him to detonate an explosive Banning had planted to blow up the building. Davies refuses as Banning and President Asher aren't out yet, but relents on Banning's insistence. Davies detonates the explosive which, planted on a gas pipe, blows up the building and kills the remaining terrorists including Kamran. Davies and his men then search the wreckage and locate Banning and President Asher alive in the elevator shaft. After reporting the two's survival, Davies sends them on their way and wishes them a safe journey home. Banning gave Kamran's phone to Davies, hoping it will help them find Kamran's father, Aamir Barkawi.


  • Will Davies' name never appeared in the ending credits as it stated SAS Lieutenant on it.
  • Although he introduces himself as Captain Will Davies, He is incorrectly referred to as Lieutenant by Mike Banning.

Behind the Scenes[]

Will Davies was portrayed by Bryan Larkin in London Has Fallen.


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