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Travis Cole (died 2019) was the head of security of Salient Global and the right-hand man of Wade Jennings.


Angel Has Fallen[]

Travis Cole was the head of security for Salient Global, he was presumably the first mercenary to join Wade's private military company. He participated in the training exercise with Mike and the other commandoes.

When the facility received a call, he thought it was Frost, but Wade deduced it was Mike. He listened as Mike promised to find Wade for setting him up with a glare.

After FBI agents Helen Thompson and Ramirez arrived, Wade killed them as Cole guarded him. With their cover blown, Wade declared that they would have to dissolve Salient Global and leave the country, but not before they completed the mission of assassinating Trumbull. He along with the remaining Salient Global teams left the facility to St. Matthew's Hospital to take down Mike and Trumbull for good.

Cole participated in the gunfight against Mike and a squad of Secret Service agents until the rest of Salient Global's men were killed or arrested by the authorities. He along with the remaining mercenaries attempted to escape via helicopter. He was killed along with the remaining men when Mike had destroyed the helicopter with a grenade launcher.

Behind the Scenes[]

Travis Cole was portrayed by Frederick Schmidt in Angel Has Fallen.


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