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Sam Wilcox (died 2019) was the White House Chief of Staff under the administration of President Allan Trumbull.


Before Angel Has Fallen[]

Sam was elected as White House Chief of Staff, succeeding D.C. Mason after the Presidency of Benjamin Asher ended.

Angel Has Fallen[]

After President Allan Trumbull answered several questions about his presidency motives to the press, Sam was present with Vice President Martin Kirby and other officials in the Oval Office and demanded to know who leaked false information to the press.

After a drone strike that killed Trumbull's protection detail and rendered Trumbull in a coma during a fishing trip at Queen's Lake, he was sent to the St. Matthew's Hospital where he explained to Kirby that only Mike Banning survived.

After Mike was wrongfully accused for the assassination attempt, Sam continued to stay at the hospital with the unconscious Trumbull. He watched as Kirby gave informed to the press that Mike was responsible for the assassination attempt with support from the Russian government.

Later, Trumbull finally awakened from his coma, Sam explained that situation concerning Mike. He also added that Kirby was very close to declaring war on Russia, to which Trumbull ordered Sam to connect Kirby on a line. Mike later broke into the hospital and was arrested by Secret Service Director David Gentry. When Trumbull ordered Mike to be freed, Sam and Gentry were skeptical as they didn't know whose side Mike was on, but Trumbull stated that the only reason he was alive was because Mike saved him.

After Mike was freed and alerted everyone of Salient Global's plan to destroy the hospital by increasing the nitrogen and oxygen. Sam, Trumbull, and Banning hitched a car and planned to leave the hospital with Gentry and a squad of Secret Service agents accompanying them. However, they were found by Salient Global seconds later.

When the commandos began to open fire on the vehicle, Sam got out of the car and too cover behind it as the gunfight escalated. Sam and the others prepared to make it to the building across, but Sam accidentally ran into Jennings' line of fire and was fatally shot. This inadvertently saved Trumbull's life in the process, although Trumbull was in shock. It is unknown who took Sam's place as White House Chief of Staff.

Behind the Scenes[]

Sam Wilcox was portrayed by Michael Landes in Angel Has Fallen.


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