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The Salient Global Facility was the base of operations for the private military company Salient Global, headquartered in Virginia.


Before Angel Has Fallen[]

Before the founding of Salient Global, this facility was originally used during the Cold War. However, when former Army Ranger Wade Jennings founded Salient Global, he purchased the facility to use it as the base of operations for his new private military company, turning Salient into a "five-thousand acre Disneyland".

Angel Has Fallen[]

Former Army Ranger-turned Secret Service agent Mike Banning underwent a training exercise at the facility with the other commandos. He lasted long throughout the course until he was shot by Jennings, ending the training exercise.

Wade, Cole, and a few other Salient Global operatives stayed at the facility to gather information on Mike's whereabouts. They also watched the news concerning the recent events and received secure calls from Vice President Martin Kirby, who was the true mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

After discovering that Mike was set up by Salient Global, FBI agents Helen Thompson and Ramirez went to the facility to confront Wade on his role in the assassination attempt. However, they were both killed by him. With their cover now blown, he declared that they would have to dissolve Salient Global and flee the country, Wade and the remaining commandos set off to St. Matthew's Hospital to kill Mike and Trumbull for good.

Sometime after they abandoned the facility, the bodies of Thompson and Ramirez were found, but not before the former uncovered evidence kept by Jennings an insurance policy to expose Salient Global and uncover Kirby as the true mastermind behind the assassination attempt.

It is unknown was became of the facility after the dissolution of Salient Global, but the base was likely demolished or used for other purposes.