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Salient Global, commonly known as Salient, was a private military company founded by former Army Ranger Wade Jennings.

They were responsible for the assassination attempt on the President of the United States, Allan Trumbull, and framing Mike Banning for it.


Founding and Missions[]

Salient Global was founded by Wade Jennings, purchasing an abandoned Cold War military facility as Salient's base of operations in Virginia. The company was known to have created a few crises during their missions. At some point in time, FBI agent Helen Thompson had to investigate a crisis committed by Salient Global in Iraq.

Assassination Plot[]

Salient Global was under investigation by President Allan Trumbull, who rejected all private military companies on missions during his presidency. In response, Salient Global had worked with Vice President Martin Kirby to plan an assassination plot against Trumbull and attack Russia for the "assassination attempt."

To do this, they framed Mike Banning for the attack by killing the Secret Service detail that escorted the two on a fishing trip to prevent their conspiracy from being discovered easily. After his arrest, they attacked Banning's transport convoy, staging a breakout and planning to make Banning disappear. However, Banning killed all of them and realized Jennings' betrayal.

While the FBI and local police units pursued Banning, Salient Global then continued to track Banning and kill him as they knew he would try to uncover the truth behind their operations. They eventually stumbled upon the home of Clay Banning, who killed several Salient Global mercenaries with explosives.

After Jennings killed Thompson, who suspected that Banning was set up, along with her partner Ramirez, the remaining mercenaries sought to kill Trumbull and Banning at St. Matthew's Hospital by increasing the nitrogen and oxygen levels, which destroyed a large portion of the hospital in an explosion. After a long firefight in the streets against retiring Secret Service Director David Gentry, Mike Banning, and a squad of Secret Service agents, most of the mercenaries were killed, with the remainder of them being arrested by the authorities. Jennings and the remaining operatives attempted to escape via helicopter, but his escape plan was foiled as Banning destroyed the helicopter with a grenade launcher, killing the rest of the operatives and leaving only Jennings left. Jennings was killed after a brutal fight with Banning.

Following the failed assassination attempt and the impeachment of Martin Kirby, Salient Global was rendered defunct and dissolved.

Known Members[]

Name Role Status
Wade Jennings Founder and Leader Deceased
Travis Cole Second-in-Command Deceased
Bruno Commando Deceased
Frost Commando Deceased

List of Crimes[]