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Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation is a country located in Eurasia. The country is a member of United Nations and a former member of the Soviet Union and the G8. Its capital is Moscow.


20th Century[]

Russia was once part of the Soviet Union until the Soviet Union dissolved at the end of the Cold War in 1991.

21st Century[]

Olympus Has Fallen[]

In 2013, during the White House Siege, Russia was one of the many nations that declared a state of emergency and mobilized their military in response to the absence of U.S power and U.S officials withdrawing the U.S Seventh Fleet from the Sea of Japan and the troops on the Korean DMZ that were actively defending South Korea.

London Has Fallen[]

In 2016, before the London Siege, Russia was the only country out of the G8 nations that did not attend the funeral of British Prime Minster James Wilson in London.

Angel Has Fallen[]

In 2019, the paramilitary company Salient Global was revealed to be in a conspiracy with Vice President Martin Kirby to attack Russia for the "assassination attempt" on U.S President Allan Trumbull. Sometime after the failed assassination attempt, the FBI discharged Russian involvement in the Trumbull's attempted assassination. Trumbull attended a G20 summit in Hamburg to ease tensions with Russia.