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"Olympus has fallen! Olympus has fallen!"
―Roma during his final moments [src]

Roma (died July 5, 2013) was a member of the United States Secret Service who served in the protection detail of President Benjamin Asher.


President Asher's Detail[]

When Asher's presidency began, O'Neil was assigned to the Presidential Detail alongside fellow Secret Service agents Mike Banning, Mark Diaz, Dave Forbes, and Roma.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Roma was present in Camp David in December 25th, 2011. As they are prepared to go to the campaign fundraiser, Roma droves the vehicle with the President's son Connor Asher, Agents Mike Banning and O'Neil on their vehicle. However, when The beast slid on the icy road and was on the brink of falling, Roma joined Mike and O'Neil to balance the vehicle and get Asher and Margaret out. Though Asher was saved, Margaret wasn't lucky and died when the limo fell into the icy lake below, leaving Roma and the other agents horrified at the tragedy.

18 months later, he, along with O'Neil and Jones visited Mike and Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs at a diner and was seen at the White House to greet visiting South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo.

After an aerial attack on Washington and a ground assault on the White House by the K.U.F., Roma joined with the White House defense force in an attempt to protect the White House.

With the White House becoming defenseless inside and outside, Roma joined the remaining Secret Service agents in a desperate attempt to hold off the attackers. Though he tried his best and killed a few terrorists, the remaining Secret Service agents were killed with only himself being left. He valiantly fought against the terrorists until he was outnumbered and mortally wounded. Moments before his death, he alerted Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs that "Olympus had fallen" before attempting to throw off his attackers one last time before being shot to death.

As Mike had managed to sneak into the White House, he stumbled upon Roma's corpse and briefly mourned for his fallen friend before starting his mission to take out the terrorists and save President Asher.


Roma was avenged after Mike killed Kang and the remaining terrorists in the bunker. Later, after Mike saved President Asher and prevented a nuclear meltdown across America, Roma was posthumously honored by President Asher in his speech in the aftermath of the attack.

Behind the Scenes[]

Agent Roma was portrayed by Cole Hauser in Olympus Has Fallen.


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