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The Oval Office is the official office of the President of the United States, located in the West Wing of the White House.


Olympus Has Fallen[]

During the White House Siege, Mike Banning entered the Oval Office, where he discovered that the doors and windows were rigged with C-4 explosives. While there, he tried to contact the Pentagon, but realized that all the phone lines were down. He used Asher's satellite phone to contact the Pentagon and report the situation. Soon, a terrorist entered the office, forcing Mike to confront him. After a brief fight, Mike got the upper hand and finished the terrorist by slamming the head statue of Abraham Lincoln on his head, killing him.

Angel Has Fallen[]

During Trumbull's presidency, he along with Vice President Martin Kirby, White House Chief of Staff Sam Wilcox and several other officials were discussing Trumbull's rejection of private military companies and the leaks given. Later, following an assssination attempt on President Trumbull, Vice President Kirby and other officials discussed actions concerning Russia, who was believed to have collaborated in the assassination attempt alongside Mike. After Mike was exonerated, he visited Trumbull in the Oval Office to offer his resignation due to guilt of failing to protect Trumbull, but Trumbull forgave him and offered him a promotion to Secret Service Director following Gentry's retirement, to which Mike accepts.

Behind the Scenes[]