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Murphy (died 2019) was a member of the United States Secret Service and served in the protection detail of President Allan Trumbull.


Angel Has Fallen[]

Agent Murphy was present in the White House when President Trumbull was going to press room to discuss about his stance on private military companies and other motives on his presidency.

Later, Murphy was one of the agents guarding the area while President Trumbull was on his fishing trip. He was talking to some agents in the detail when his boss Mike Banning called him to take his place to be near the President on his boat, he went on the boat and met up with the President. When they noticed what appeared to be a swarm of bats approaching from the north, Banning realized that they are drones and has Murphy hide Trumbull on the canopy of the boat. As the drones were taking out every agents on the detail, Banning ordered Murphy to get Trumbull to protect him from getting killed. Murphy was able to get the President to the water, but was killed when the drone struck the boat and exploded.

Behind the Scenes[]

Agent Murphy was portrayed by Ori Pfeffer in Angel Has Fallen.


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