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"But don't you underestimate me for a second. There's a reason I've survived Washington for this long. It's time to take the gloves off, and make this country strong again..."
―Kirby revealing his true colors and motives [src]

Martin Kirby was a corrupt former Vice President of the United States under the administration of President Allan Trumbull until his impeachment. He is the true main antagonist in Angel Has Fallen.

He conspired along with Wade Jennings of Salient Global to assassinate President Allan Trumbull and usurp Trumbull's decision on private military companies.


Before Angel Has Fallen[]

When the Presidency of Benjamin Asher ended and the Presidency of Allan Trumbull started, Martin Kirby was elected as Vice President under Trumbull's administration.

However, tensions between the United States and Russia were high and Kirby believed that private military companies were needed and that the United States had to "take the gloves off" and show itself as a strong military power.

He believed that Trumbull's diplomacy with Russia and rejection of private military firms made America look vulnerable as the Russians were previously involved with election tampering.

Therefore, he secretly planned to usurp Trumbull and hired Salient Global to frame Mike Banning and assassinate Trumbull in return for a ten million dollar payment. After Salient Global completed the President Trumbull's assassination, he would become the new President and attack Russia for the false assassination.

Angel Has Fallen[]

Kirby was seen in the Oval Office with Trumbull, White House Chief of Staff Sam Wilcox and other U.S officials to explain the leaks given and he seemed to agree with Trumbull's opinion about private military companies, stating that it was not the same fighting for money than fighting for the country.

After a drone strike that rendered Trumbull in a coma, Kirby was sworn in as Acting President and learned from Wilcox that the entire protection detail was killed, with the exception of Mike.

After learning that Mike had escaped, Kirby contacted Wade through a secure number and asked Wade if he located Mike. When Wade responded that they were working on it, he irritably said that they specifically agreed to keep Mike conscious at the lake so that he could take the blame and that they had let him get away and now has the potential to expose their entire conspiracy. He told Wade that he felt Wade's personal connection to Mike may not be an asset, but a liability and told him that if he wanted to benefit from the mission, he would kill Mike for good and called Trumbull's failed assassination his "biggest mistake" before hanging up.

Later, Kirby informed the press that Mike was responsible for carrying out Trumbull's assassination attempt with support from the Russian government and stated that it was time to act and to go to war with Russia, given their apparent aggression. He told the press that he signed an executive order, calling for the use of private military companies in his campaign. After Trumbull awakened from his coma, Kirby contacted Wade again and ordered him to finish the mission once and for all. However, the mission was a failure after Mike and a squad of Secret Service agents defeated Salient Global and killed Wade, with temporary aid from reinforcements, resulting in Trumbull being reinstated and Mike being exonerated.

Afterwards, Trumbull had Secret Service Director David Gentry arrest Kirby for treason and corruption thanks to the evidence kept by Jennings as an insurance policy and uncovered by late FBI Agent Helen Thompson.

Kirby is thought be sentenced to prison for life or executed for his crimes, betrayal, and conspiracy. It is unknown who took his place as Vice President.


Upon his first appearance, Kirby was shown to be a shy fellow, being a man of few words. He was very timid when seeing how complicated his job is, but in spite of this, Kirby showed his loyalty to the country and was determined to keep it under control after President Trumbull was rendered in a coma following an attempted assassination.

However, it turns out to be all a cover-up to hide his true nature: that of a treacherous and tyrannical mastermind who was actually planning to kill President Trumbull in order to officially take over the role in the White House so he can go to war against Russia, no matter how many people were killed during his scheme and also framing Mike Banning for his actions to ruin Mike's reputation.

Kirby also seems to be obsessed with American militarism as his radical ideas of military strength is what clouded his judgment and bought about his downfall.


"You're joking right?"
―Kirby's last words before getting kicked out of the White House and being arrested for his treachery. [src]


  • Kirby is so far the only antagonist in the Has Fallen franchise to be arrested and not die. However, it can be implied that he was sentenced for life or executed for his actions.
  • Before the film's release, Wade Jennings was thought to be the main villain because he started the terrorist attack and did all the work. However, Martin Kirby was revealed to be the true mastermind behind the events.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Vice President Martin Kirby was portrayed by Tim Blake Nelson in Angel Has Fallen.
  • He bears an uncanny resemblance to Steven Mnuchin, who served as U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 2017 till 2021.


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