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Lim (March 21, 1981 - July 6, 2013) was one of Kang's henchwoman and the technical expert of the K.U.F. terrorist group. She was disguised as a South Korean security agent when she helped take over the White House. She later killed herself in the helicopter explosion on the North Lawn to stage the deaths of Kang and President Benjamin Asher, but the ruse was discovered by Mike Banning.


Joining the K.U.F.[]

At some point, Lim joined the Koreans for United Freedom and eventually blended herself in as a South Korean government agent. There was never any stated background for why Lim had joined Kang's group.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Lim was seen arriving in the White House along with South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo, as well as Kang, disguised as the head of Lee's security detail and chief aide, and other members of Kang's group.

Then when the air attack by a stolen Lockheed AC-130 craft, Lim joined the others as everyone evacuated to the P.E.O.C. bunker. As she waited for the right moment as the ground attack on the White House occurred, she arrived alongside Kang, Cho, Yu and rogue former Secret Service agent Dave Forbes as they killed the remaining Secret Service agents and seized the bunker, holding U.S. high-ranking officials hostage, President Benjamin Asher, Vice President Charlie Rodriguez and Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan. Lim had then overrides the White House security systems and had them to the bunker.

Lim was never seen beating up or keeping track of hostages, only making use of her sole purpose which was to hack and unlock every portion of the weapon. Kang ordered her to insert every code he retrieved through hostage interrogation into the Cerberus fail-safe device.

When the K.U.F was beginning to dwindle and Mike Banning was getting closer to saving President Asher, Kang had Lim, along with several of his commandos and the remaining hostages sacrifice themselves in a helicopter explosion to stage the deaths of Kang and President Asher. However, Mike saw through the diversion and killed Kang and the remaining terrorists before deactivating Cerberus, saving America.

Behind the Scenes[]



  • Lim's name in the documents on the movie's official site instead spell her name as "Kim." This is possibly due to being early concept art or an alternate alias for the character.
  • There is also another computer expert listed named "Ro" but it's also not know if that is one of the seen but unnamed supporting characters or also another movie idea that didn't make it into the final cut of the film.


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