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Leighton Clarkson was the newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom after the assassination of British Prime Minister James Wilson prior to the London Siege.


London Has Fallen[]

In 2016, after the unexpected death of James Wilson, Clarkson was named British Prime Minister after his predecessor's demise. He was at the meeting to discuss Wilson's funeral. During the meeting, Home Secretary Rose Kenter announced to Clarkson and the others that Wilson's funeral will take place on Thursday at 4:00 PM and all the G7 leaders will be attending the funeral, except the President of Russia. When the head of Scotland Yard, Kevin Hazard, mockingly asked if the Americans had any special requests such as wanting to bring in the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, Clarkson said he can live with that request, since he was partial to the Kardashians himself, as is her Majesty the Queen. When Kenter asked MI6 Counter-Intelligence chief John Lancaster about special concerns at their home front, he listened as Lancaster addressed some concerns about the British nationals visiting Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Clarkson asked Lancaster is any of the issues are actionable and the MI6 chief answered no. Then he announced to make sure Wilson is given the ceremony he deserves.

Around 3:15 PM at St. Paul's Cathedral, U.S. President Benjamin Asher, along with Secret Service director Lynne Jacobs, Agent Mike Banning and other Secret Service agents, arrived and met up with Prime Minister Clarkson. President Asher expressed his condolences of Wilson's death to him. Clarkson states that Wilson always hated funerals and Asher acknowledged that. As they we're about to enter the cathedral, a group of terrorists attacked the cathedral grounds. Clarkson and his team managed to get inside the cathedral, but before President Asher can get inside, the doors had to be closed due to heavy gunfire and grenade explosions.

After the brutal attack, Clarkson announced to the press that every citizen in London should stay indoors while the authorities work to defuse the situation.

Two weeks after the attack, it was announced that Clarkson has installed the new government and announced that London may had fallen, but has endured and will rise again.

Behind the Scenes[]

Prime Minister Leighton Clarkson was portrayed by Clarkson Guy Williams in London Has Fallen.