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Kamran Barkawi (January 19, 1971 - June 9, 2016) was the son of Aamir Barkawi and the terrorist sub-commander who oversaw the attacks in London while his father was in Yemen. He is the secondary antagonist of London Has Fallen.


Early Life[]

Born on January 19, 1971 in Pakistan, Kamran Barkawi was born to Aamir Barkawi and was the eldest sibling of the Barkawi Family. In his adulthood, he took up on his father's operations of arms trafficking.

London Has Fallen[]

In 2014, a drone airstrike was launched by the G8 in an attempt to kill Aamir Barkawi. Aamir and Kamran survived, but Kamran's sister Amal was killed in the airstrike and died in Kamran's arms. Aamir and Kamran then embarked upon a plan to get revenge upon the leaders who authorized the strike.

In 2016, with the help of MI5 Chief John Lancaster, the Barkawis organized a plot to murder several leaders of the Western world, particularly the G7 leaders. To this end, they poisoned British Prime Minister James Wilson, drawing the leaders to London for his funeral. Once there, Kamran and his men, of which there were over a hundred, launched an attack that killed five of the leaders and damaged parts of London, while the newly appointed British Prime Minister Leighton Clarkson and American President Benjamin Asher survived. In particular, President Asher escaped due to Mike Banning moving up their timetable and not telling anyone as a security precaution.

Following Asher's escape, Kamran organized a search for Asher, intending to execute him live on the Internet at 8:00 pm as a statement to the world. During the search, he attempted to contact Raza Mansoor, only to get Mike who had taken down Raza's team. Mike refused to surrender Asher and killed Raza over the radio so that Kamran would know that he meant business.

Eventually, the terrorists captured Asher and Kamran took pleasure in beating him. As 8:00 approached, Mike attacked the terrorist hideout with a combined team of SAS and Delta Force commandos, but Kamran was undaunted. At 8:00, Kamran started the live stream and prepared to decapitate Asher with a machete. Before Kamran could swing the machete, he was shot in the arm by Mike who had snuck in under cover of the gun battle between the terrorists and commandos. Mike killed the men in the control room, but ran out of ammunition before he could kill Kamran. Kamran and Mike engaged in a fight that ended with Mike strangling Kamran from behind. However, before Mike could kill Kamran, a mortally wounded Sultan Mansoor dropped a grenade. Kamran, Banning and Asher all survived, but the explosion gave Kamran a chance to escape and gather reinforcements.

As Mike and Asher attempted to escape, Kamran and his men cornered them from both sides and engaged in a gunfight with the President and Mike. Despite his injured arm, Kamran took part in the gunfight as well until Asher hit Kamran in the arm with a bullet. Out of ammunition, Mike signaled Will Davies outside to detonate a charge Mike had planted on a gas pipe in the building, rigged to ensure gas was running through it. As Mike and Asher took cover in an elevator shaft, the explosion consumed the building, killing the rest of the terrorists. Seeing the explosion coming towards him, Kamran closed his eyes, accepting his fate.

Following the deaths of Kamran and his men, Mike turned over Kamran's phone to Davies, retrieved from the control room following Asher's rescue from execution. Using the phone, authorities were able to track down and kill Aamir Barkawi with another drone strike in Yemen. Before the strike, Vice President Allan Trumbull called Aamir who thought he was Kamran at first and made sure Barkawi knew that his son was dead and his plot foiled.

Behind the Scenes[]

Kamran Barkawi was portrayed by Waleed Zuaiter in London Has Fallen


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