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James Wilson (c. 1967 - 2016) was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom until his assassination prior to the London Siege. He was succeeded by Leighton Clarkson.


London Has Fallen[]

Prime Minister Wilson was believed to have died at his residence at 10 Downing Street. The initial cause of death was an apparent heart attack during his sleep a day after a surgical procedure to repair his knee.

Later, after the terrorist attacks in London by Aamir Barkawi's men, British officials discovered that Wilson was actually assassinated when he was poisoned by tainted anesthesia line and his doctor's body was found, leading everyone to discover that his funeral was a trap to lure the world leaders, particularly the G7, to attend it. He was posthumously avenged after Mike took out the rest of the terrorists with aid from a Delta Force/SAS squad and the drone strike that killed Barkawi.

Background Information and Notes[]

  • The deceased British Prime Minister's name, James Wilson, was possibly derived from two Prime Ministers: James Callaghan and his predecessor Harold Wilson.

Behind the Scenes[]