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Doris is the mother of Leah Banning and the grandmother of Lynne Banning.


London Has Fallen[]

As her son-in-law Mike had to be at the White House due to the unexpected death of British Prime Minister James Wilson, Doris had to watch over her daughter Leah since she was heavily pregnant. When Mike returned home, she and Leah went over some paint samples. Doris assured him that things will be fine while he is away. Mike told her to give her and Leah a minute. At first, Doris thought he wanted to talk to her, but realized he meant him and Leah. She leaves the dining room to give them a private time.

During the attacks in London, Doris and Leah watched the news conference of new British Prime Minister Leighton Clarkson. Doris, shocked, told Leah to try to call Mike. When Leah tried to call Mike, she only told her mother that the line is not connecting. Later in the day, both Doris and Leah watched in horror as the terrorists prepared to execute President Benjamin Asher live. However, Mike burst in, killing the terrorists and preventing the live execution.

2 weeks after the London Siege, Doris would become the grandmother of Lynne Banning.

Behind the Scenes[]

Doris was portrayed by Deborah Grant in London Has Fallen.


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