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Dave Forbes (April 17, 1962 – July 6, 2013) was a former member of the United States Secret Service who served in the protection detail of President Benjamin Asher. He is also the secondary antagonist of Olympus Has Fallen.

Sometime after the death of First Lady Margaret Asher, he left the Secret Service and became a security specialist for South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo. Then, he went rogue and helped North Korean ultranationalist Kang Yeonsak and his group capture the White House. He was killed by former teammate Mike Banning.


Early Life and Secret Service Career[]

Dave Forbes was born in April 17th, 1962 and his early life is unknown. In his adulthood, he joined the Secret Service where he became a member of President Asher's Presidential Detail. At some point in time, he went to New York City with fellow agent Mike Banning for unknown reasons.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Tragedy at Camp David[]

On December 25th, 2011, Forbes interrupted Mike and Asher's boxing match, stating that they needed to leave for the campaign fundraiser in ten minutes. Forbes was asked by Mike if he was okay to stay back and watch the fort. Forbes said that with that snowstorm, he would get out of the tuxedo, sit by the fire and watch Breaking Bad. Banning told Forbes to leave the babysitter alone. Then, Forbes, Mike and the other agents left Camp David with the President and First Lady, Connor went with Mike, as well as Agents Roma and O'Neil.

En route to Morgan Residence, a tree branch fell onto the lead vehicle and crashed into the limo, in which the President and his wife were seated in. The lead vehicle crashed through the bridge and fell into the icy water below, as the presidential limo skid uncontrollably to the edge of the damaged part of the bridge, balancing precariously. Banning and the other agents rushed to the limo as it was slowly sliding down. Banning managed to get the passenger door open, but the door on Margaret's side was jammed. Though Asher attempted to save the unconscious Margaret, he was pulled from the car by Banning when it was about to fall off the bridge.

The car plummeted to the frozen river below, killing Margaret, Diaz and another agent on impact. As President Asher screamed in agony, Banning, along with Connor, Forbes and the other Secret Service agents, were in deep shock over the loss of Margaret.

Shortly after the death of First Lady Margaret Asher, Forbes resigned from the Secret Service on May 15, 2012 and transferred to the private sector working in the security detail for South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo.

White House Siege[]

Eighteen months later, he returned to Washington, D.C. where he reunited with Asher at the White House. During the meeting with Prime Minister Lee, a North Korean-commandeered AC-130 gunship attacked the U.S. capital, forcing the President to retreat to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, along with Forbes and his former colleagues.

After reaching the underground bunker, Forbes and Prime Minister Lee's security detail, later revealed to be disguised members of a paramilitary terrorist organization called the Koreans for United Freedom led by Kang Yeonsak, started killing all of the Secret Service agents, taking the President, his aides and the Prime Minister hostage in the process.

He only revealed a bit of what caused him to go rogue in that he did not vote for President Benjamin Asher and felt like the United States was going against everything it once stood for. A disgusted Asher head butted Forbes for his treachery. During the attack, he was dispatched to find and kill his old friend. He ran into Banning, who was unaware that he had defected to Kang's organization, and the two of them reminisced briefly on the old days.

Fight with Banning and Death[]

Mike, still believing that Forbes was on his side, prepared to continue on his infiltration. Forbes unintentionally mentioned Kang's name and Banning, realizing that Forbes could not know the man's name without being in the bunker with him, deduced that Forbes was not who he seemed to be. Forbes, seeing a gun in Banning's hand, attacked him. The duo had a brief fight, but Banning won and stabbed him in the heart.

Whilst on the edge of his death, Mike interrogated Forbes and he admitted that his own idealistic views of America led him to be sidetracked and, therefore, manipulated by Kang, showing remorse for his actions after seeing just how crazy Kang really was. Banning convinced the regretful traitor to tell Kang on the radio that he had killed Banning in order to buy some time to save President Asher, which Forbes did so. Mike stabbed Forbes in the head or neck and killed him with Forbes giving him a nod, apparently in acceptance of his actions. This is also a similar method used in the death of his master, Kang, later in the movie.

Behind the Scenes[]

Dave Forbes was portrayed by Dylan McDermott in Olympus Has Fallen.



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