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Connor Asher is the son of Benjamin Asher, the 45th President of the United States and the late First Lady Margaret Asher.


Early Life[]

Connor Asher was born in the United States of America, the only child of Benjamin Asher and Margaret Asher. When his father became President, his Secret Service codename was Sparkplug.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Tragic Events[]

On December 25, 2011, while traveling in a limo after a fundraiser at Camp David, Connor's parents were involved in a car accident. Though Ben attempted to save Margaret, he was pulled from the car by Agent Mike Banning. Connor witnessed the limousine plummeting to the frozen river below, killing Margaret on impact.

Banning finds Connor.jpg

18 months later on July 5, 2013, Connor started to not think about Camp David and preferred the beach for the next holidays. When the Koreans for United Freedom took over the White House, Connor hid behind the Lincoln Bedroom secret passageway, thanks to being trained by Banning and stayed there until Banning was able to find him and informed Speaker of the House Allan Trumbull, using his codename.

Banning was able to get Connor to safety by getting him to a nearby air vent, which he climbs to be picked up by some Marines, saving him. As dawn approached, Mike was able to rescue President Asher and prevent a nuclear meltdown across America. Connor greeted his dad in a hug.

A few days later, Connor is later seen next to Banning, who has been reinstated as a Secret Service agent, where his father gives out the speech in the aftermath of the attack.

London Has Fallen[]

In 2016, President Asher received a video call from Connor and tells his agents that Connor went on his first date the night before. However, they are interrupted by news of British Prime Minister James Wilson's death.

President Asher later received a joke Connor sent him and tells Mike Banning that it's a daily ritual between the two of them and means the world to him. Asher later asked Banning to kill him if it comes down to it so he won't be executed live on TV where Connor and the whole world can see it.


Connor is a bit of an energetic boy, due to Banning training him so he could be a Secret Service agent. Connor was first seen, wearing a hat and glasses while at Camp David, but 18 months later, Connor doesn't wear glasses anymore.

Behind the Scenes[]

Connor Asher was portrayed by Finley Jacobsen in Olympus Has Fallen.


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