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Bruno (died 2019) was a Salient Global commando.


Angel Has Fallen[]

During a training exercise with Secret Service agent Mike Banning, Bruno got into a fight with him and Mike kicked him down the stairs. Once the training was over, Bruno angrily confronted him, only for Mike to simply respond that he should have been ready for dangerous situations. But his boss Wade Jennings broke up the fight.

Bruno was assigned to get Mike out of the transport vehicle after they set him up for the Assassination Attempt on Allan Trumbull. Once they took him to their SUV and planned to make him 'disappear', Mike overpowered his would-be assailants and took them out as the SUV crashed. Mike removed Bruno's mask and recognized him, making him realized that Jennings had framed him. Mike then taunted the dead Bruno for not taking his earlier words seriously.

Behind the Scenes[]

Bruno was portrayed by Rocci Williams in Angel Has Fallen.


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