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The Barkawi Arms Network was an arms trafficking organization and terrorist group led by wanted arms dealer Aamir Barkawi.


Arms Trafficking[]

The Barkawi Arms Network was founded by Aamir Barkawi to increase the sales of arms by fueling instability across the globe and were responsible for several terror bombings. They sold arms and weapons to various terrorist organizations and failed states around the world, including those who would use them against the United States and other Western nations.

London Crisis[]

After a drone strike authorized by G7 leaders to kill Barkawi, they were ordered to assassinate British Prime Minister James Wilson to lure the G7 leaders to London and assassinate them in retaliation to the strike, which killed Barkawi's daughter. They also paid MI5 Intelligence officer John Lancaster 20 million euros to be their mole in the attack. They disguised themselves as tourists, first responders, the Metropolitan Police, and members of the Queen's Guard for infiltration and were to initiate the London Siege.

The organization was rendered defunct after all members were killed at the end of the London Siege. Barkawi and the militants protecting him were killed after his location in Yemen was discovered.

Known Members[]

Name Role Status
Aamir Barkawi Founder and Leader Deceased
Kamran Barkawi Second-in-command Deceased
Raza Mansoor Operative Deceased
Sultan Mansoor Hacker Deceased
John Lancaster Mole Deceased

List of Crimes[]