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"I want to reassure to all Americans and everyone around the world that despite today's events, our government remains 100% functional. We know that The President is alive. To our friends, we are grateful for your loyalty and support. As a nation, we are never stronger than when tested. We will remain united and strong. God bless you all. God bless these United States of America."
―Trumbull giving his speech at the press conference [src]

Allan Trumbull (born May 14, 1938) is a former Congressman, the former Speaker of the House and the Vice President of the United States under the administration of President Benjamin Asher. He became the 46th President of the United States at the end of Asher's second term.

In 2013, he became the Acting President of the United States when Asher and Vice President Charlie Rodriguez were taken hostage in the White House during the White House Siege.

After Rodriguez's assassination in the White House Siege, Trumbull became Vice President and assisted in aiding Mike Banning to protect Asher after a devastating terrorist attack in London in 2016.

In 2019, he was nearly assassinated in a drone attack during a fishing trip at Queen's Lake and was rendered in a coma. However, he was saved by Mike when he and a squad of Secret Service agents lead by David Gentry defeated a rogue private military company called Salient Global.


Early Life[]

Allan Trumbull was born on May 14, 1938 and was a long-serving U.S. Congressman and eventually became the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. At some point, there was an incident where Mike Banning told Trumbull to go f*ck himself, something Banning became known for along with the death of the First Lady.

Olympus Has Fallen[]

Meeting in the White House[]

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Speaker Trumbull was in the Oval Office in the White House discussing the current situation with North Korea. Trumbull says that South Korean Prime Minister Lee Tae-Woo would want to issue a joint statement and suggests to threaten North Korean forces with military action to get them to stand down from the border and stop their missile tests. After Secretary of Defense Ruth McMillan suggests that they bluff them and they will call it and see what happens, Trumbull replies who says they'll be bluffing. President Asher says he wants to avoid them, which disappoints Trumbull. After Vice President Charlie Rodriguez agrees with McMillan, the President dismissed the speaker from the meeting. Trumbull left the White House afterwards.

Acting President[]

Olympus has fallen 2013 pic02.jpg

As Trumbull arrived at the Pentagon and went to the crisis room, Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs told him that since President Asher and Vice President Rodriguez are held hostage and unable to perform their duties, he is placed under Secret Service protection as Trumbull is now Acting President of the United States. He asked Lynne if they are alive and she confirms their status. As they sat, NSA Deputy Director Ray Monroe says that the North Korean government denied involvement in the attack and U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Edward Clegg says they set up a perimeter within ten blocks from the White House. Lynne informed Trumbull that the terrorists also assassinated Prime Minister Lee.

Around 9:55 PM, Monroe learned that they had contact from inside the White House and they have traced it to Asher's satellite phone. After being patched through on the audio, Trumbull asked if it was President Asher, but the man using it says it's not him. Trumbull asks the caller to identify himself and the caller says he's Echelon 4, revealing himself as the Secret Service. Lynne asks for his designation code and the caller gives her, revealing himself as Mike. Mike tells Lynne he's in the Oval Office and asked if President Asher is in PEOC bunker. Before Lynne could answer, General Clegg cautiously asked if they can trust Mike, to which Lynne vouched to Trumbull and Clegg that Lynne was one of their best agents. Monroe remembers that Mike was removed from the Presidential Detail after the accident that cost the life of First Lady Margaret Asher, Lynne tells Monroe to get the facts straight on him. Lynne tells Trumbull that Mike is an ex-Special Forces operative and was with the Ranger Battalion, saying that he will fight through enemy lines or die trying. Trumbull asked anyone in the Pentagon if they have any intelligence coming from inside the White House and they shook their heads. Trumbull then decides that they have no choice, but to rely on Mike and nods to General Clegg to put him back on. After Lynne told Mike of the Asher's confirmed location, Mike asked who is in charge and Trumbull replies that he's in charge. Trumbull asked the agent if they are survivors with him. Mike tells them that there is nobody else as the terrorists wiped out the entire Secret Service detail there and gives them the situation report. Trumbull listened as Lynne told him that the President's son Connor is missing, possibly inside the building. Mike tells Trumbull to use him since he was the only inside man.

Handling the Crisis[]

"Alright, let's secure all nuclear sites. Get me our expert on North Korea. Then I want to speak with the premier of North Korea on a secure line. After that, I want to speak with the Russians, the Chinese, the British, and the French. And set up a press conference. In that order."
―Trumbull taking charge as Acting President [src]

Trumbull receives a video chat from the mastermind, who that he wants them to recall the Seventh Fleet and pull their forces out of Korea. Trumbull tries to tell him that they just recall their units out of Korea, but the leader ignores him and said that if they don't meet with his demands and make any rescue attempt, they will execute the hostages, including The President. When the leader terminates the video chat, Trumbull asked who the mastermind is. The CIA director says that nobody knows who he is, but they know that he was part of the South Korean delegation. Clegg tells him that if they recall their forces, South Korea could fall in 72 hours by the North Korean forces, but Jacobs tells him if they do nothing, the terrorists will kill President Asher, Vice President Rodriguez and everyone in the White House, as well as Connor if they have him. After Trumbull tells his assistant Mary to give him a cup of coffee in a real cup, he tells everyone to secure the nuclear sites. He also tells everyone to give him their expert on North Korea and the Premier of North Korea on a secure line. Then he wants to speak to the Russians, the Chinese, the British and the French governments and to setup a press conference in that order.

After a moment, Trumbull and the others are shocked and surprised to learn that the first Cerberus code has been entered. Then Mike takes a photo of a tattoo of the nape of one of the terrorists he killed. Everyone in the Pentagon don't recognize the tattoo and Trumbull tells the CIA Director to send the photo to Langley. He tells Mike about the terrorist's demands and reluctantly tells that a Cerberus code was entered. When Mike asked about Cerberus, General Clegg tells both him and Trumbull that is classified, However, Mike convinces Trumbull that he had the right to know right now. After giving a nod from Lynne, Trumbull tells Mike that Cerberus is a highly-classified three-prong fail-safe protocol that self-detonates any U.S. ICBM missiles to abort them in flight. Only three top U.S. government officials have the partial output on the codes to activate Cerberus; President Asher, Secretary of Defense McMillan and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Joe Hoenig, all of whom are in the bunker. He hears Lynne tells Mike that if the terrorists could get those codes, they will self-detonate the nukes and will leave America vulnerable for a nuclear strike. After Monroe tells Mike that they cannot change the codes since Cerberus was designed to be a self-contained, total-isolation system and can only change the code using the computer in the bunker, both Trumbull and Mike know that they are out to get Connor to force President Asher to give up his Cerberus code. The Speaker informs Mike that Asher would hold out as long as possible, but if the terrorists get Connor and harm him, Asher would break under those circumstances. Trumbull authorizes Mike to find Connor and get him out of the White House.

As Trumbull and the Pentagon stood by, Banning tells them that he found Connor (under his Secret Service code-name Sparkplug) and will bring him out, much to the relief of everyone in the room. After awhile, Trumbull listened as Mike told the Pentagon that Connor would come out in the vertical ventilation shaft in the northwest corner of the White House and have a ground team get him. After a few tense minutes, Trumbull listens in on the situation and learned that Connor was out of the White House safely. The pleased Trumbull authorized Mike to try to get President Asher out.

OHF- Acting President Trumbull informing the media MOL3342507.jpg

Later, Trumbull gave a press conference about the attack of the White House. He reassured everyone around the world that, despite the events, the U.S. government remained 100% functional and revealed that President Asher was still alive, as well as being grateful for the loyalty and support around their friends around the world.

Sending in the Strike Team[]

After the press conference, Trumbull and the Pentagon learns from Mike that, after he interrogated and killed two of the terrorists, that the mastermind is Kang Yeonsak, the leader of the Koreans for United Freedom, a North Korean paramilitary terrorist organization and that around 40 commandos breached the front fence, now down to 28 men. Monroe runs the name and briefs Trumbull and the others on Kang's biography. It is revealed that Kang was one of the most wanted terrorists in the world. As a child, Kang was brought across the DMZ after his father was executed for crimes against North Korea, but when they were crossing the border, Kang's mother was killed by an American landmine. Kang masterminded the 2004 bombing of the British Embassy in Seoul and smuggled uranium enrichment technology into North Korea from Pakistan. Kang was never before photographed or identified by any Western Intelligence agency. Trumbull listens to the conversation as General Clegg says with that number of commandos inside the White House, he has men who could take them out in a short order. However, Mike says that these men are tough, but Clegg says that he has the toughest men there is, but states that they need to know how to get in the bunker. Lynne says that they don't get in once the blast door closes and it's nuclear hardened. She also tells everyone that there used to be some old tunnels in the bunker, but were sealed up years ago. Mike advised Trumbull not launch any assault until he does some reconnaissance.

Later, Trumbull and others at the Pentagon learns that McMillan's Cerberus code has been entered, which horrified everyone since there was only a matter of time before President Asher's Cerberus code will be entered.

At 1:35 AM, as the satellite overlooked the White House, everyone sees only four sentries on the roof. General Clegg suggests to Trumbull that they send in the rescue team to the roof. Mike tells everyone to wait to let him check it first. Clegg says that they cannot wait and Trumbull says that they have to secure Cerberus. He authorizes Clegg to send in the Navy SEALs to the roof. As they waited for the infiltration team to arrive in the White House, Mike tries to tell them to abort the SEAL incursion team since the KUF commandos have the Hydra 6, a next-generation anti-aircraft remote gun system. Trumbull heard this and wasn't sure about the recent discovery will affect the rescue effort, but Clegg says that the team will take out the weaponry. Trumbull sees from the satellite feed that the Hydra 6 annihilated the helicopters. Trumbull tells everyone to abort the mission, but the Hydra 6 destroys five of the six helicopters before Mike can stop it. One helicopter crashed into the White House, damaging the living quarters.

As everyone in the Pentagon was trying to cope with the failed rescue attempt, Kang appeared in the video feed with Vice President Rodriguez, saying to Trumbull the failed infiltration was a very bad move on their part. Then Kang executed Rodriguez by shooting him in the back in the head, which shocked and terrified everyone in the room as Trumbull looked on in horror. Kang warned that President Asher would be next if the Seventh Fleet and their troops are not recalled from Korea within the hour and demands a helicopter on the North Lawn for pickup in the next hour before shutting off the video feed.

Safety of the President and the Country[]

After Mike got through to the Pentagon after the failed rescue attempt, Trumbull says to him that they've been trying to get through to it. Mike, who was injured in the fall shortly before the helicopter crashed on the roof of the White House, tells Trumbull that their team needs some serious help and he can hold him for insubordination for that if he gets through to it. After General Clegg ordered Mike to stand down saying that they could lose more hostages if he stays in the White House, to which Trumbull looks at the general in disbelief. As Trumbull hears the general that he is giving Mike a direct order, the agent reminds him that he doesn't work for him. Trumbull tells Clegg that he is the commander-in-chief and the only reason Trumbull can't relieve right him on the spot because he is the highest-ranking military officer. As Clegg protests that Mike would cause more danger, Trumbull confronts the general that he will not hear another word out of him unless he is asked a question. After Clegg reluctantly backed out, Trumbull asked Mike if he was there. Mike, while pulling out debris from his abdomen, asks the Trumbull what the plan is. He reluctantly says they have to recall the Seventh Fleet their troops, and deliver the helicopter to the North Lawn. Mike tells him that they cannot give Kang and his men what they wants and tells Trumbull to give him some time to flush them out. Trumbull says that they are talking about the safety of the President of the United States and Mike replied that they were talking about a lot more than that. The agent reminded Trumbull that he is Acting President and that he was the best hope everyone in the country has. Trumbull gave in and tells Mike he had thirty minutes to try something out, much to General Clegg's chagrin.

Afterwards, Trumbull and everyone in the Pentagon sees McMillan was coming out of the front door of the White House from the news cameras as Kang was preparing to execute her in front of the media. But Mike, who anticipated that he will execute McMillan in front of the media, prevented Kang from doing so by killing most of Kang's men in the front lobby. After McMillan stopped in shock, she ran out of the White House as the troops escorted McMillan to safely, much to Trumbull's relief. He checks in with Mike, who says Kang got away and is now back in the bunker. Trumbull tells Mike that he gave it a good shot and that he saved McMillan.

As Trumbull and the Pentagon listen to several news feeds over the world reaction's to the attack in the White House, he sees the clock has reached 4:25. He reluctantly orders the Seventh Fleet and the troops on Korea to be recalled and have a helicopter go to the North Lawn.

As the helicopter arrived in the North Lawn, Trumbull informs Mike that they have to get Kang and President out of the open to give it their best shot. As he awaits, everyone in the Pentagon sees everyone leaving are in hoods and the troops outside have no way to tell which one is Kang or Asher. As they boarded the helicopter, the military commander on the scene asked if they should breach. After a moment of hesitation, Trumbull tells the commander not to because it is too risky. After the helicopter takes off, it suddenly exploded in mid-air. Trumbull and the others feared that President Asher has been killed on-board. When Mike asked what happened, Trumbull regretfully informed that Kang and his men killed themselves in the helicopter, along with President Asher and the other hostages. However, Mike responds Kang would not go out like a suicide bomber and suspected that Kang was still in the bunker with Asher and will try to slip away. Trumbull informed Mike that if Kang is still in the bunker with the president, he cannot let Kang leave with Asher, to which Mike promised he won't let them escape.

Endgame Revealed[]

"They just opened the gates of hell."
―Trumbull said after the terrorists activated Cerberus [src]

Trumbull received news from Monroe that NORAD reported that Cerberus has been activated. After seeing all the silos were activated to detonate without being launched, Trumbull realized in horror that Kang intended to detonate the missiles within their silos, which would cause a nationwide nuclear meltdown. Lynne says that with the first two codes entered, the terrorists easily cracked the President Ashers's Cerberus code. With a seemingly grim fate awaiting America, Trumbull says that the commandos just "opened the gates of hell" as the countdown to detonate the nukes started from five minutes.

As the countdown reached one minute, Banning checked in with the Pentagon, informing that he has President Asher, who was wounded during the fight with Kang, but is alive and asked how to shut off Cerberus. As Trumbull tells someone to get the deactivation code, General Clegg tells Mike to get to the control panel marked "Countermand" and flip a switch marked "Initiate Recall". As General Clegg was giving Mike instructions, the Marines brought in the deactivation codes to Trumbull and he hands it to Monroe. As the countdown reached thirty seconds, Trumbull stood by as Monroe gave Mike the deactivation codes step-by-step. Once the codes were entered, he and the Pentagon officials waited several tense moments for the codes to transmit as the countdown almost reached zero. When timer reached three seconds, Cerberus was deactivated, relieving Trumbull and everyone in the Pentagon as the nuclear meltdown was adverted. Monroe informed Trumbull that NORAD confirmed that Cerberus has been shut down. Trumbull nodded and orders someone to give him Seoul and Pyongyang on a line, presumably to send the Seventh Fleet and their forces back to Korea.

At dawn, Trumbull and everyone in the crisis room saw Mike and the several troops bringing the wounded President Asher out of the White House on the news feed. As almost everyone clapped in celebration that the terrorist situation was finally over, Trumbull watched in silence. As Lynne quietly thanked him, Trumbull smiled as he watched the soldiers escort President Asher and Mike away from the White House premises.

After Olympus Has Fallen[]

After the White House Siege, Trumbull succeeded Rodriguez as Vice President of the United States.

London Has Fallen[]

Returning to the White House[]

Trumbull was on a fishing trip at Jekyll Island, but was called back early due to the news about the death of British Prime Minister James Wilson. Now on friendly terms with Mike, the two shared a joke about his interrupted fishing trip.

Attacks in London[]

Trumbull and McMillan oversee the crisis in London

When London was attacked by the Barkawi Arms Network, Trumbull arrived in the White House situation room and watched in horror when Marine One was shot down. He later received a call from Aamir Barkawi, the mastermind behind the attack who plans to kill the President and demanded Trumbull to turn him over. Trumbull refused to give in his demand and has the other officials work on tracking down the terrorists before they could find Asher.

Sending in a Rescue Team[]

Trumbull and his staff were able to interpret Mike's sign message through the satellite feed and realized he and Asher were going to a nearby Mi6 safe-house. Trumbull deployed a Delta Force team to extract the two men and transport them to the U.S. Embassy in an armored convoy before sending a voice message to Mike's MI6 contact in the safe-house about the imminent arrival of the team. As lines of communication were compromised, Trumbull proved his identity by referencing his earlier joke about his interrupted fishing trip with Mike. However, terrorists disguised as Trumbull's team arrived, but Mike detected it and he and President Asher stay behind to eliminate the terrorists.

Rescuing the President[]

Then, Trumbull's staff stay in contact with Kevin Hazard and Jacqueline Marshall in a video conference and located the terrorist hideout owned by one of Barkawi's companies. Hazard helped coordinate a strike by deploying the 22nd Regimental unit of Special Air Service to the area. When the terrorists captured President Asher, Trumbull and his staff watched in horror as Aamir's son, Kamran Barkawi, prepared to execute Asher live. To their relief, Mike rescued Asher at the last moment.


Trumbull contacts Barkawi before sending in the drone strike

After the crisis, Trumbull used Kamran's phone to call Barkawi, mocking what Barkawi told him. Trumbull tells Barkawi to look out his window and hung up before watching a drone strike that destroyed the building and kills Barkawi and his men in Yemen.

Two weeks after the London attack, Trumbull addressed the nation on the events that had occurred. He also gave an inspiring speech that convinced Mike to delete his resignation letter.

After London Has Fallen[]

After the London attacks, Trumbull has since been elected President of the United States in his own right following the expiration of President Asher's term in office. He elected Martin Kirby as his Vice President, with Mike continuing to serve as the lead agent of the Presidential Detail.

Angel Has Fallen[]

During Trumbull's presidency, he answered various questions from the press regarding motives of his presidency, such as amending the AUMF War Powers Resolutions and easing tensions with Russia at the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg. However, when one of the reporters asked about his intentions to broaden the use of private contractors, Trumbull decided that that was enough questions. Afterwards, he commented that the White House had more leaks than a submarine with a screen door. Later, Trumbull, Kirby, and other officials gathered in the Oval Office, with his White House Chief of Staff Sam Wilcox demanding who leaked false information to the press. Trumbull later declared that he rejected private military companies because of profits being made of military missions, with Kirby seemingly agrreing after he believed that fighting for money wasn't the same as fighting for the country. When no one fessed about the leaks, Trumbull told his officials that it was not their troops fault that they were streched out so far, but rather theirs. He then told them that the status quo had gone on too long and that it had to change.

Days later, Trumbull went for a private fishing trip at Queen's Lake, with Mike jokingly commenting on Trumbull's liking for fishing, even in such cold weather. Trumbull responded that it was a means to relax from his duties as President.

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Behind the Scenes[]

Allan Trumbull was portrayed by Morgan Freeman in Olympus Has Fallen, London Has Fallen and Angel Has Fallen.



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