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Agnes Bruckner (died June 9, 2016) was the Chancellor of Germany until her assassination during the London Siege. She was succeeded by Angela Merkel.


London Has Fallen[]

Chancellor Bruckner was attending the funeral of recently deceased British Prime Minister James Wilson, alongside many other prominent world leaders. While waiting and paying her respects at Buckingham Palace, a little girl comes up and gives Bruckner a white flower. She graciously thanked her for the flower before observing a ceremonial display of the Queen's Guard.

After Canadian Prime Minister Robert Bowman's limousine explodes, a group of terrorists working for Aamir Barkawi, disguised as the British Royal Guard and policemen, began their attack. Several imposter guardsmen broke off from the patrol and opened fire on Chancellor Bruckner and her entourage, killing her instantly.

This makes her the second world leader after Prime Minister Bowman to be assassinated during the attack. However, she was avenged after Mike took out the rest of the terrorists with aid from a joint Delta Force/SAS squad and the drone strike that killed Aamir Barkawi - the true mastermind of the attacks.

Behind the Scenes[]

Chancellor Agnes Bruckner was portrayed by Nancy Baldwin in London Has Fallen.


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