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"Vengeance must be profound...and absolute."
―Barkawi said to his son Kamran [src]

Aamir Barkawi (May 28, 1955 - June 9, 2016) was a Pakistani international arms dealer and terrorist mastermind from who served as the main antagonist of London Has Fallen.

He masterminded the London Siege to assassinate the G7 leaders. Much like Kang Yeonsak before him, Barkawi found the United States and other Western nations to be very hypocritical and wanted them to pay for actions on their doing, which he considered criminal, by having them witness the death of their leaders, including President Benjamin Asher.


Early Life[]

Born in Pakistan on May 28th, 1955, Aamir Barkawi went on to become an infamous arms dealer and terrorist leader, selling arms to every failed state in the world and was made No. 6 on the FBI's Most Wanted list for his terrorist acts. These included selling arms to those who used them against the United States. He also had connections to numerous terrorist groups, mercenaries, and dummy corporations and was shielded by corrupt governments.

Barkawi was responsible for several bombings around the world in order to foster violence and instability, which would fuel his arm sales around the globe. He had two children, Kamran and Amal. The first he fathered when he was just 16 years-old.

London Has Fallen[]

Barkawi was reportedly responsible for arming various terrorist organizations around the world. At the compound in Pakistan, Barkawi was with Mansoor brothers Sultan and Raza as Kamran arrived for Amal's wedding. Kamran had to speak with his father in private. Kamran informed him that he had to kill a German BND officer because the agent compromised their operation. Barkawi told his son not to forget the man's family since vengeance should be profound and absolute. During the celebration, Barkawi was with guests at the wedding party when a drone missile hit the site, killing Amal and several others present.

Barkawi survived, and discovered later on that the strike was authorized by the G8 in an attempt to kill him. So, he and Kamran swore vengeance on the world leaders who authorized the strike. Barkawi also paid 20 million euros to MI5 Counter-Intelligence chief John Lancaster to be his mole in their plan to attack the G7 leaders in London.

After their secret assassination of British Prime Minister James Wilson, Barkawi hid in Yemen while Kamran oversaw their operation. He prerecorded his message of his vengeance and proclaimed that the Western world would be changed forever. When Barkawi arrived in his hideout, he gets on his computer and spoke to Sultan, who lost both legs in the drone strike. Sultan told Barkwai that Wilson's successor Leighton Clarkson and U.S. President Benjamin Asher survived their attack, but they took out the other G7 world leaders. Barkawi acknowledged that they just changed the world and told Sultan to go to plan B as he closed his laptop.

After his prerecorded video message was sent to social media, Barkawi contacted U.S. Vice President Allan Trumbull through an untraceable video chat. He insisted to Trumbull that he had never lifted his finger against the United States, but Trumbull countered that he had armed those who have. Trumbull asked Barkawi what he wanted. Barkawi said he wants President Asher delivered to him. When Trumbull refused, Barkawi said that every death from there on out would be on his head. With that, he logged off.

Later in the night in London, Barkawi watched the live feed as Kamran was about to publicly execute Asher and smirked about it. Just before Asher was about to be executed, Secret Service agent Mike Banning burst in and disrupted the live execution.

After the failed execution, Barkawi gets a call from Kamran's phone. After taking the call, he assumed it was Kamran, but it was revealed to be Trumbull instead. The surprised and angered Barkawi said to the U.S. Vice President that his vengeance will be everlasting and he will dedicate his entire life to Trumbull's death. Unfazed, Trumbull instead told him to look out his window. Barkawi then looked up out the window above him and saw a drone launching a missile above him. Realizing he was about to get killed, Barkawi slowly puts the phone down and let out a rueful, defeated smile as the drone missile hits the compound, killing Barkawi and his rest of his men instantly.


Though Barkawi's plan partially succeeded, his plan was never truly fulfilled as Asher and Clarkson survived the London Siege. With Barkawi, Kamran, and all of their henchmen killed, the Barkawi Arms Network was no more. His death also avenged the world leaders who were assassinated and all those who died during the attack in London.


As an arms dealer who sought to increase arms throughout the world through terror attacks and bombings, Aamir was ruthless in his operations and killed many people to fuel his goals to increase arm sales, as Trumbull described him as someone who was "responsible for more deaths than the plague". Much like Kang Yeonsak, Aamir believed in anti-Western ideologies. In this case, he believed that their actions concerning the Middle East were unreasonable. After his daughter was killed in a drone strike, he became obsessed and vengeful with her death and sought to assassinate the G7 leaders, hoping to "change" the Western world.

He was also sadistic and merciless. This was seen when he smirked when Benjamin Asher was about to be executed live and ordered Kamran to kill the family of a German BND officer who compromised his operations. He also appeared to be incomparable when he stated that he simply sold triggers despite arming those who were against the United States and other nations friendly to Western interests.

Behind the Scenes[]

Aamir Barkawi was portrayed by Alon Aboutboul in London Has Fallen.


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